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REGISTRATION Start your Business:

Starting a Business be it a small enterprise, a single person company or a Multinational Company requires quite a legal knowledge in setting up the business or company and filling out all the legalities even before establishing the Business. We, at India Biz Guru help you start and grow your business with our expertise in Business Registration of different types of companies like Proprietorship, Public Limited company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Private Limited Company and Non Profit Company. Get legal advice and assistance for:

  • Registering LLP
  • Non Profit Company Registration
  • Partnership Registration
  • Proprietorship Registration
  • Registration of Public Limited Company

We also offer complete legal expertise in areas of converting one form of Business entity to another form of Business entity.

  • Convert Partnership Company to LLP
  • Convert Private to Public Limited Company
  • Convert your Private Limited
  • Company to One Person Company
  • Convert Proprietorship to Private Limited Company
Sole Proprietor

Individual Entrepreneur or trader can opt for Sole Proprietorship type of Business. It is easy to start with no capital investments and lesser paper work. Here, Proprietors manages and controls the business on their own with complete ownership and control. We help you in your business for ITRs, GST Registrations and GST Returns.

Partner Ship Firm

Partnership Firm is a type of establishment which is headed by a group of volunteered individuals who support a common business goal and share all the profits from the business. It has a minimum compliance and easy to structure as compared to other types of Business organizations.We help you with Partnership Agreements or Partner Deeds, Partnership firm Registration, GST Registration and GST Return Filing.

One Person Company

One Person Company (OPC) is incorporated by a single person. It has features of a company and enjoys benefits of a Sole Proprietorship. Here, there are lesser compliance requirements than a Private Limited Company. In OPC, there is one Director and one Nominee Director.We help you in your business with Company Registration, GST Registration, GST Return Filings and ITRs.

Private Limited Company

Most common type of Legal Entity, Private Limited Company is preferred by many Indian Businessmen and Start-ups. Here, Pvt Ltd Company requires a minimum of two Directors and two Shareholders (which can be the same as directors).We help you with the Company Registration and Incorporation, GST Registrations, GST Returns and MCA Annual Filings.

Limited Liability Partnership

This type of Business Registration Provides the flexibility of Partnership and benefits of a Company into a single organization as Limited Liability Partnership. It is easy to manage and incorporate specially suited for small businesses. We help you with LLP Agreement of LLP Deed, LLP Incorporation and all the other compliance including ITRs, GST Registration and Returns.

Public & Foreign Company On Demand 

Public Limited Companies

For Large scale Business operations, this type of Business organization is best suitable. There should be a minimum of seven members to register a Public Limited Company in India. We help you with your company registration, ITRs, GST Returns along with other services.

Foreign Companies

For foreign company to register in India, A foreign national can incorporate a private limited company as a joint venture or a wholly-owned subsidiary for its Business in India. Foreign Company can open a Liaison Office, Branch office or Project Office in India.We help in the complete procedure of registering of Foreign Company in India with all the legal compliance and legal services at competitive prices.

Not For Profit Entity Section 8 Company Trust  Society

Section 8 Company

With non-profit objectives like education, environment protection and social welfare, Section-8 Company is registered in India with a minimum of 2 directors and no minimum paid-up capital investment. We, at India Biz Guru help you in your Company Incorporation, ITRs and MCA Filings.


We, at India Biz Guru provide a complete solution to register your charitable trust.


A Society is registered when a group of like minded people with common goals of charitable activities like education, art, culture and sports come together to work for their common goals. It can also be formed for promotion of literature, science or political education among others. We, at India Biz Guru assist you for registration of your Society at your convenience.

Financial Institutions Nidhi Companies  NBFC Co-operative Society

Nidhi Companies

These are Limited companies which basically lend and borrow money to its shareholders or members. Because of this, they do not fall under the purview of RBI and other regulations. The minimum shareholders can be 200 to start a Nidhi Company. We, at India Biz Guru help you with registration of your Nidhi Company at your ease.

Co-operative Society

We help to create Co-operative Society on demand

Non Banking Finance Companies ( NBFC`s)

We help to cerate Non Banking Finance Companies ( NBFC`s) on demand

Other Producer Company Political Parties

Producer Company

Producer Company is Umbrella Company for closely knit business activity of primary producers like harvesting, procurement, marketing, selling, and exporting of producer goods. If you are a Producer company or want to register Producer Company, we are here to help in legal compliance of company registration and other services.

Political Parties

To form a political party in India, one needs to register the party with Election Commission of India. We at, India Biz Guru render our services to register your political party.

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